California devise to pierce 880,000 children into Medi-Cal met with skepticism

A bill devise to save income by relocating thousands of children into a Medicaid module is scrutinized while legislators hasten to breeze messenger legislation to exercise a budget.

KQED: California Budget Proposal Would Move 880,000 Children Off Healthy Families
The Healthy Families module now serves children whose families acquire too most for Medi-Cal though competence not differently entrance private insurance. … Because a Medi-Cal module is cheaper, [Governor Jerry] Brown’s devise would save $73 million in 2013-2014 by changeable a children to that program. But advocates contend this wouldn’t be a case, since of a associated taxation that usually gets domestic support since of a Healthy Families program. The Sacramento Bee reports that it is a taxation collected on managed caring skeleton (Dornhelm, 6/26).

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